Thursday, May 20, 2010


Revise the title of my Thesis

1.1 Background

Surely everyone has memorable romantic love poems whether they make by themselves or they find away in some books or internet. Love Poems always hold a special place in hearts, there is always an interesting in love poems, when we read poems the meaning of poems contains difficult words. Unless the poem made by themselves, of course the poem could be understand what the meaning of, because poems often deviate from denotative meanings of words.

Analysis of denotative and connotative meaning of words in Pablo Neruda love poems is an interest topic that many words and meaning you need to know that words do not have a single simple meaning. And traditionally grammarians have referred to the meaning of words in two parts Denotation is a literal meaning of the word, Connotation an association (emotional or otherwise) which the word evokes.

Poem especially Love Poems offers a wonderful words, make the reader interesting and want to know more than just a word, it would be different if the poems made by themselves because automatically the reader know the meaning of words. In poems writing often deviate from denotative meaning of words to create fresher ideas images, such deviations from the literal meaning are called figures of speech or figurative language.

In this thesis, analyze about some kind of Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, that will make interesting for the reader to know, whether The poems come from a famous Poets or not, The Love Poems are describing about couple feelings, most of average describe express exaggerated and so much more attempting to simulate something. In Poetic there are many kinds of figures of speech such as metaphor, similes, personification, hyperbole, paradox and pun, it’s important that you understand several kinds.

Example of the analysis, Figuring out love poems of figure of speech simile, usually one of the elements of similes is concrete and the other abstract “I see myself forgotten like those old anchors" writer Pablo Neruda, he’s talking about the old anchors when it falling dawn deep in the sea, it’s a simpler version of simile, but it’s more dangerous version, (a black rose? A dead rose in December? The thorns of a rose?) Sometimes similes force us to consider how two things being compared are dissimilar, but the relationship between two similar things can break down easily, so figuring out a poem is must be carefully.

When the reader read some kind of love poems by Pablo Neruda, the reader interested in the way of sentences expressed of the statement of love, there are so many differences expression of the persons to expressed their feeling to the words of LOVE, there are no exact definition about the mysterious ‘L’ word, this is wonderful that there are many of poems interpret the definition about love feelings in LOVE POEM in Pablo Neruda poems.

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